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Meet Jaqui

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I want to introduce you to a person. An amazing one. 

       Meet Jaqui. 

She's my sister. My friend. My business partner. Without her, Bliss would crumble to pieces! At Bliss, she handles all the creative side. And she keeps me in check! Isn't that what big sisters are for?  

She's extremely important to the Bliss Family, yes. But it's who she is to me personally that I really want to share with you. 

Jaqui has always been there. Growing up, she was a second momma to me. You see, we are eight years apart, but I have the fondest memories of her and I. 

As a teen, she was still there. Helping me navigate thru the hard and sometimes unbearable teenage years. She comforted me during my failed engagement. She took care of me after my horrible car accident. She gave me a place in her home when I needed it. 

I grew up, and Jaqui was there. She took me dress shopping and helped plan my wedding. She gave me marriage advice. She was in the room when I delivered both of my little girls. She was there for every late night call when this new mom needed advice. 

Our relationship has only gotten sweeter over the years. We have gone on family vacations together. And have had countless adventures; including this one called Bliss. 

Jaqui is an excellent momma. A loving wife. And the best sister.

Jaqui loves with a deep love. She will love you without reservations. Without judgement. She will accept you just the way you are. And will make you a better person just by being around. 

You see, she has no idea that all those years that She was there, she was teaching me to be a better version of myself. That she was teaching me to love the way she loves, to accept the way she accepts. 

She doesn't know, that my world would absolutely crumble without her in it. 

While I feel that this post very inadequately describes how important she is; I just had to write it; because the world needs to know about my beautiful sis. 

I love you sissy. I love everything about you. Thank you for the ridiculous amount of love you give me. I'll love you forever. 

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