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Oh momma...

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With Mother's Day coming up, I've been thinking a lot about motherhood. Out of all the hats I wear in life (and believe me, I've got lots of hats!), motherhood is the hardest by far.

It amazes me how harsh we can be on ourselves when it comes to motherhood. From experience, I know just how much we can destroy ourselves with feelings of inadequacy and failure. At any point during my day, I will feel like I'm failing as a mom at least once. And I'm positive most moms can say the same thing. What's even more puzzling is how awful we can be to fellow moms too. We don't just destroy ourselves but we also destroy the moms around us. Sometimes even unknowingly we add to their list of how they are failing as a mom. 

I've caught myself doing that. And it's so ugly. 

The truth is this: motherhood is hard. But it's just as rewarding. We can all agree on that, right? So let's learn to be gentle with ourselves and with others. To remember that it's ok if we don't agree on everything. It's ok if we see things differently. 

Today, think on this, just the fact that you desire to be a good mom, makes you a good mom. That shows me you LOVE. So throw out your list of imperfections and failures and just enjoy being a mom. Then you can start reaping the beautiful rewards of motherhood. And your children can start reaping the beautiful rewards of having a happy momma. One who thoroughly enjoys being their mom and biggest fan. 

This Mother's Day, celebrate YOU. And consider picking up a little gift for another momma who could use a little encouragement this season. 

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