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Why Find Happy?

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Happiness Is Yours 

Happiness isn’t a privilege reserved for only a few. I believe happiness can be found by anyone. It is a fundamental part of creation. Happiness can never be taken, but only forfeited.

It’s a fact – when we are happy our life goes better. We are creative, energetic, and courageous. Sometimes life can knock the wind out of us. What we hoped would happen doesn’t. What we wish would be isn’t.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick” the old proverbs says. Yet happiness doesn’t have to be whisked away with the winds of life. It can remain with us, if we look for it with positive eyes.

So why find happy? Why take the time for yourself? Why look for joy in your heart. Here are a few reasons why I believe it is important. 

1)  You Deserve To Be Happy

You deserve it!! You deserve to be happy. You should just stop and say that to yourself. “I deserve to be happy”. Not just because of the things you do or because of how hard you work. It is because you are a child of God. Joy is our strength and the joy He gives is unmerited. Do not let life tell you otherwise. Close out the voices that say you do not deserve happiness. You shout back “I deserve to be happy.” The past is the past. The current will not be your future. Happiness is designed for us and it belongs to the children of God. 

2) It's God's Desire

God did not design you to be here on this earth defeated – broke down – and sad. He designed us with the best intentions at heart. His desire is to give us peace of heart and peace of mind. Happiness is custom fitted for you and the things he put in you to enjoy. Personalized for you, but only found in Him. When circumstance tells you different, focus on the example left to us. Jesus describes God as a “Good Father” knowing what we need and providing it for us. Do not worry – Do not fret – trust Him and find your bliss in God. 

3)  Success Stems from a Happy Heart 

A heart that lacks joy and happiness leads to a defeated life. Our heart holds the boundary of our life. We make custom hand stamped jewelry. We are a creative bunch, but we have found when stress hits us or we get bogged down with life our creativity goes with it. We have learned that the creative side of our business stems from the happiness we find in life. When your heart is deflated it has no place to go but down. When it’s inflated, it has no place to go but up. 

Go Out and Find The Happy

Find your happiness. Find what brings you joy. Spend time on yourself. Spend time doing the things you love. Let’s find happiness. It is important and you deserve it. Life is meant to be enjoyed and not just endured. Here’s to a happy you and a successful life. 

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