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A Thanksgiving Challenge

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In all the madness that is the holidays, it feels like thanksgiving is sometimes pushed to the side by the excitement of Christmas. I am a huge lover of Christmas - so you will hear no complaints from me! But I am also aware of the need to take a moment to think of the blessings that surround us and just be thankful. For the little things and the big things.

I've challenged myself this year to think deeper on what I'm thankful for. Things like family and friends are things that quickly come to mind. But I wanted to be more specific and intentional. 

So I made a list of those obvious blessings; but I also took the time to name at least three reasons why I am thankful for them. My goal is to write those reasons on individual cards and deliver them to those people whom I love so much. Those people who bless me daily and don't even know it.

So here is my thankful card to you; my dear friends. I feel so blessed to be able to hear your stories. I get to know all about the people and situations that led you to us. We don't just make hand stamped jewelry; we create moments. For the momma who is celebrating her new bundle of joy. For the sweet man who's just finding out his new title as 'grandpa'. For the daughter who lost her daddy. For the husband celebrating his beautiful wife. And for the family who just lost their furry family member. Bliss is there; when every package is opened and every hug is given, and every tear is shed. Helping you form new memories with your dearest loved ones.

Our stamped jewelry celebrates your joys and brings healing to your hurts.

That is what blesses me. That although we may never meet in person; we are connected still. Because as we stamped your personalized jewelry or keepsake, we may have giggled. Or maybe cried. Or maybe smiled. Or maybe rejoiced. Or maybe hurt.

This is what runs thru the veins of Bliss Stamped Jewelry. It's what makes us thrive and what motivates us in all we do.

Thank you. 

For sharing your most precious memories with us. For giving us the honor of creating such special mementos. And for coming back to us over and over again; through every season of your life.

I leave you with this challenge:

Make a list of all those things you are thankful for....and include all the reasons why. I promise it will do your heart good. And it will give you a perspective that will change this holiday season for you entirely.

❤️ michelle

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